Auto Snap

Having many notes in an octave could easily lead to confusion. But Schismata has may features to make composing in 99 tone equal temperament just as easy as 12 tone equal temperament.
When you choose your key signature a mouse guide appears with all the notes in the diatonic scale of that key signature. Each time you click in a new note it automatically snaps to the nearest note in your key signature.
There are 6 octaves of notes above and below middle C. If you choose 99 tones per octave you can handle 1188 notes with ease.
You can also work in "Tuning" mode where you can snap to any of the notes in your tuning system or "Free" where you can click your notes in at any pitch you want.


Using the mouse wheel you can rapidly zoom the time scale and the pitch scale. Panning is also easily done by clicking and dragging with the mouse wheel button.


Each instrument is shown in a different colour and the notes of all instruments are always visible. However only the current instrument is editable by clicking and dragging the grip points at each end of the note.
Individual notes and groups of notes can be dragged and stretched, copied and pasted or changed from one instrument to another instrument.