Sliding Notes

Notes don't have to end on the same pitch as they started. Sliding notes are created by dragging the tail of the note to any pitch you want.
The transition from one pitch to another can be either linear or sigmoidal.



Each note has its individually controlled vibrato. The frequency and amplitude of the vibrato are properties of the note, not properties of the instrument. So each note can be moulded to the exact sound you want. And if you copy the note, the new note will have the same properties.



If there is a group of notes that you use repeatedly throughout your composition they can be grouped.
The group can then be dragged and copied as if it were one note.
For example you might have a sequence of notes based on an F major chord in a base line that you want to repeat. Simply select the notes, group them and drag and copy the group to different positions say C or Bb.